The Reserve at Hidden Lake

ONLY 4 REMAINING lakefront home sites available for this one of a kind view! Lot sizes range from
3-6 acres surrounding the fully stocked 20 acre lake.  The Reserve at Hidden Lake is in Springfield Township and Springfield School District. 

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4 thoughts on “The Reserve at Hidden Lake

  1. All of the lots have water access. Is it the case that all of the water is, in practice, common space?

    It appears that there is an island within the boundaries of Lot #4, but there is either a sandbar or a path from Lot #6 to the island. What is the status of the island, communal use or exclusive to Lot #4?

    Does the island exist year round or is it seasonly submerged?

    Can any type of structure be built upon the island? What are the dock/boat/engine restrictions?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your interest in The Reserve at Hidden Lake.

      All lots extend into the water. The lake (the water surface) will be usable by all owners and regulated via the restrictions. Any boats will be required to have electric motors.

      The island is within the boundary of the lake and there governed just as the lake surface. Nothing can be built on it. It exists year round and has a well casing on it. About two or three years after the lake was finished, it ran dry. The owner found an old well that led to a vacant aquifer. They built the path to the island, and the island to get some equipment out there to attach to and extend the casing, and then fill it with clay and or concrete to plug it. The casing extends above the surface of the island.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      The water is effectively common space and can be used by all lot owners. This is addressed in the restrictions. The island lies within the boundaries of lot 4 and exists year round. The surface elevation of the lake varies a little and the path is sometimes submerged. The island is not buildable and there is a 60′ setback from the edge of the lake on most of the lots (except 1, 6, 7 and 12) that would effectively isolate the island as to any construction on lot 4.

      Boats are restricted to electric motors only.

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